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Are you interested in knowing the interpretation and meaning of your dreams? Have you ever stopped to think about that nightmare that repeats itself repeatedly and does not allow you to rest? What is the subconscious trying to convey to you when you are sleeping and how can we make an accurate interpretation of our night thoughts?

Dreams meaning

You may not know it, but at night our brain is still active and can dream no matter how exhausting the day has been. What's more, each dream we have is completely different, take into account the Dreams meaning and learning to interpret its complex plots will help you get to know yourself much better.

The study of meaning and dream interpretation It is something that has preoccupied and intrigued humans since the dawn of time. While in ancient times the decipherment of dream symbols sought to find a divine message, from the XNUMXth century and the development of psychoanalysis, the interpretation of dreams is used to reveal contents stored unconsciously in the human mind or concerns of the day. a day that distress us among others.

Currently thanks to reputed psychoanalysts like the famous Sigmund Freud, the French Jean Laplanche and Jean-Bertrand Pontalis or the Swiss Carl Gustav Jung dream interpretation has ceased to be seen as something non-serious and has become a clinical technique. If you are interested in the topic, here is a link to my reference bibliography and my favorite authors.

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In the following lines you will find a list of ordered dream meanings from AZ, to make it easier for you to use the web. All these dreams are a mix between a compilation of the most important dreams treated by the most reputable authors and some of my own contributions based on my experiences with dreams that I have suffered and that I have analyzed and studied in detail for years.

It is a very complete list but it continues in continuous evolution, If you have a dream that worries you and that repeats itself and it does not appear in the list I beg you write me a message through the contact section of the web and I will investigate your case and add that dream to the list so that other users can know about it.

The time has come to find the dream that worries you. Here you have the list organized alphabetically.

Once asleep, we go on an adventurous journey portraying our aspirations and fears. The hours of rest become an expedition to the problems of the day to day, to those concerns that invade our minds, and therefore it is essential to understand the dream interpretation to clarify its meaning.

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Official dream dictionary: interpretation will no longer be a mystery to you

In ancient times, cultures tried to figure out how to interpret each dream, some from a mystical and esoteric approach, but others followed the scientific method. That is, as in any other civilization, there were highly reputable charlatans and psychologists.

Everything that happens in our subconscious when we are dreaming can serve to solve many doubts that we cannot decipher during the waking state. Perhaps this is the reason why humans have spent centuries pursuing their meanings to know everything about the mind and the personality of oneself.

Make a dream interpretation and find out what it means

Do we really have premonitory dreams? Why do they represent our ambitions and fears? Why does the subconscious create indecipherable thoughts? Sometimes we can be surprised by the complexity of a dream. We dream that we lose our job, that a family member dies or that we break up with our partner. That is, they are dreams related to our environment, and sometimes they seem so real that we look for a meaning to the dream message that the subconscious sends us. If you want to discover how to make a correct interpretation of your dreams click here.

Interpretation vs meaning of dreams

Knowing the meaning of a dream is not the same as interpreting it. To know how to correctly interpret no dream, you not only have to know its meaning well, but it is also necessary to know other important details and the context in which they occur, since the same meaning of a dream can have several very different interpretations in different people since it will influence what that meaning implies according to your way of being, your family, your environment, your love situation, your health or even your financial situation. For example, it is not the same dream of gold if you are rich than if you are poor. In the end the dream is the same, but the interpretation is very very different.

The Interpretation of Dreams in Antiquity

The Greeks were already interested in this topic. But at that time, his system for trying to interpret dreams was governed by oral tradition. That is to say, all those ideas that were passed from generation to generation and for the most part, was the will of the gods what was seen in those dreams.

But on the other side of this belief, authors such as philosopher Plato or Aristotle They also wrote their opinions on the matter in books such as The Republic of the first and About Dreams of the second. Without forgetting that, some time later, Pythagoras also spoke on this issue as a means of communication for supernatural beings. While the Stoics bet on providence. Later would come new opinions of Cicero or Artemidoro.

What is dreaming?

Trying to guess what is happening around us, and through dreams, is called dreaming. But only dreams, because when there were nightmares involved, it was said that the devil launched them and they were not worthy of being analyzed. It is true that despite all the theories that exist, this divination technique, is based on the studies of Sigmund Freud.

Psychoanalysis and the interpretation of Freud

Some of the ideas or studies that would come with Freud already had their basis in what we have just mentioned. That is to say, they would not be novel, since tradition was very present in them. But, although it is a difficult term to analyze, it must be said that Freud came to put a point and followed. I wanted to show that symbolisms reflected in the dreamThey were related to our mind and the unconscious.

Sigmund Freud, my favorite psychoanalyst

For this reason, when analyzing a dream, we have to take all the concepts and ideas that we see in it and not stay with just one. Nor can superstitious techniques or interpretations of a suggestive type be added. The links and relationships with our daily life will also be of great relevance. Of all the dreams, Freud gave the name 'typical dreams' to those that recur the most to us. For example those related to death or falls. Since all of them can bring to light an internal conflict. In short, he claimed that dreams are a path to our interior and to our most hidden desires.

The analytical psychology of Carl Jung

If we have studied Freud, it is true that we are not going to forget Jung either. He was also somewhat perplexed by the ideas of the first, but the Swiss psychiatrist took a step further. Broadly speaking, dreams for him were a product of nature. Every day he saw problems of delusions as well as hallucinations in his patients and these plus dreams had brushstrokes common to some mythological stories.

Carl Jung and the meaning of dreams

So there he realized that there was not always a direct relationship with what the person lived or felt. That is why he called it the collective unconscious. All this will be a kind of behavioral symbols that humans inherit and that can be defined as archetypes or certain biological instincts. So in short, what Jung wanted to convey is that dreams have a meaning from our experiences and they would be a bridge to the needs of the soul.

Dictionary to interpret the meaning of dreams

Although a good part of dreams is governed by subjectivity, there are many elements with a well-defined meaning. The meticulous investigation of these elements has served to collect all the data in a dictionary of dreams, a book with which anyone can interpret theirs.

If you are interested in find out what dreams mean, understand what they represent and their symbols, with our dream dictionary you can soak up all the information completely free. You will know yourself better through the messages of your subconscious and you will know how to interpret your true concerns. On meanings-suenos.com you will be able to reach deep levels of personal introspection and spiritual improvement by searching for its meaning.

Who I am?

My name is Nacho Zarzosa and I am the person behind this website. I have a degree in psychology from the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Oviedo and a great passionate about the meaning of dreams and psychoanalysis. You can see all the information about me click here.

What are the stages of sleep

Knowing each of the different phases of sleep can help us a lot to have a much more pleasant sleep and rest better. This is something that also influences a lot in what we dream, so knowing the phases well is vital.

Phase I: numbness stage

It is the first stage and includes the First 10 minutes of sleep, from when we are in the waking period until we become slightly drowsy.

Phase II: light sleep stage

The second phase of sleep has a duration of about half the total time of sleep and it is the stage in which your body gradually disconnects from the environment at the same time heart rate and breathing slow it becomes calmer and more leisurely. In this phase it is very difficult for us to wake up, but despite that in our brain phases of great brain activity alternate with other much smaller ones. Normally when we wake up from this phase we usually do it in a startled way, for example when we dream that we trip or fall off a cliff.

Phase III: transition stage

The third phase is the shortest of all, lasting about 2 or 3 minutes in total and is a transition between light sleep and deep sleep phase.

Phase IV: deep sleep stage

The deep sleep phase lasts for 20% of total sleep and is the most important of all because it determines the quality of rest and the body's ability to recover from the day's fatigue. The respiratory rate is very low and the heart pressure drops a lot so it is also very difficult for us to wake up naturally from this phase.

REM sleep phase

The REM sleep phase occupies 25% of our sleep. The name REM comes from Rapid Eye Movement in English and it means that the eyes are constantly moving under the eyelids. Brain activity during this stage is very high, almost at the same level as when we are awake but at the same time our muscles are blocked to prevent us from reacting to all the information that our brain is processing. During this phase sleep occurs so it is the most important phase to take into account on this website.

Most common dreams

Not all dreams are equally common, there are dreams that many people suffer, for example dream about your ex or even dream of going back to your ex again, dream about water, dream about excrement, dream of flying, dream about gunshots o dream of falling into the void. While others are rarer such as dream about the police. Have a more common dream or a weirder one cannot be interpreted as positive or negative. Similarly, a weirder dream in one person may be more normal in another. It is like, for example, dreaming about the police is much more common if your work is related to police officers, such as if you work in a bank or in a hospital.

Advice to remember a dream well

Do you want to remember well all the details of a dream so that later you can find its meaning? 'I recommend that you put a paper and a pen to write everything what you remember from your dream as soon as you wake up. Remember that any detail counts, as it can mean a lot when interpreting it properly. Later, when you finish your day, enter our dictionary and study the symbols of each element to understand it better.

Dreams meaning

In this way, you will find not only the dreams and their meaning, but you can learn What does it mean to dream about lice or meaning of dreaming about cockroachesas well as a interpretation and meaning of dreaming about money and discover the secrets kept in the depths of your mind. From now on, you no longer have an excuse to analyze the meaning of dreams and get to know yourself a little better every night.